Below, is a selection of what I regard as my greatest hits! My articles generally focus on women’s rights and human rights issues. I have included only a selection of my work from each organisation that I think is best representative of my work or was received the best on social media.


I write regularly for the charity, Binti and below is a selection of some of my most popular articles for them.

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Germ Magazine

I write at least 2 articles a month for Germ Magazine, and below are my favourite articles I have written so far. Germ Magazine is a different audience than the other publications I write for, as it caters to a younger, more specific age bracket.

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Huffington Post (UK) 

My work for the Huffington Post focuses on issues surrounding feminism, human right’s and politics, and is so far the place for some of my most personal work.

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Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 13.11.56

Trident Media 

This is just a small selection of some of my work for Trident Media (the University of Hertfordshire’s student media outlet), during my time as an Undergraduate at the University, and you can see more at




Cosplay City Magazine

Cosplay City Magazine, is an online magazine I founded and write for. For the magazine, I generally write the interviews with cosplayers and the larger feature pieces that cover issues concerning the cosplay community.

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