Current Projects

Currently, I am writing for the charity, Binti, the online magazine, Germ and blogging for the Huffington Post (UK)as well as running and writing for the magazine I created, Cosplay City Magazine.

I am also always looking to expand my portfolio so if you are interested in my writing and want to host it please contact me through the link just provided or through my social media channels.


Binti is a charity that provides sanitary products to people who do not have access to them (through a social enterprise scheme that is sustainable and allows local women to start a sanitary towel business), and seeks to destroy the shame and stigma associated with periods, globally. As Binti believes that everyone should have dignity. Period.

Binti has very active social media channels and often can be seen promoting the hashtags #BintiRosePose and #SmashShame in the media.

The #BintiRosePose is a social media campaign by Binti that symbolises respect for women on their period. You can support the campaign by posing with a red rose held upside down. The idea behind it is that the colour of the rose is the same colour as menstruation, and a rose blooms and sheds like the uterus lining. The thorns on the stem represent the pain of menstruation. Also, as giving a red rose has become a symbol of love the Binti rose represents that instead of feeling embarrassed or ashamed of your period, let’s bring love back to it. As although I’m sure a lot of us feel anything but love for our periods, if you love your period because it is a healthy period (and consequently you can create life if you chose to) that is such an empowering place to be in. The aim then of the #BintiRosePose is to turn the conversation around menstruation from that of embarrassment to empowerment.

I currently write regular articles for Binti, and I am fundraising for a project of theirs in India.

My fundraising page can be found here.

Examples of my work for Binti can be found on my ‘Published‘ work page.


Germ, created by successful author, Jennifer Niven, is actually inspired by one of her books All the Bright Places. In the book, the lead female character, Violet, creates and runs a online magazine called Germ. While Niven was writing the book, she thought about what would happen if she created an actual Germ. And so Germ magazine was born!

The magazine is a mixture of serious and not so serious topics, and encouragers writers and creators to share their work. Although, largely geared towards high school age girls, the magazine also welcomes a male readership.

I joined Germ after reading Holding up the Universe and loving the book so much that I decided to research the author. Of course, during my research I ended up stumbling upon Germ. And after successfully submitting a audition article, here I am!

Examples of my work for Germ can be found in the ‘Published‘ work page.

Huffington Post UK (Blog) 

I have been a fan of the Huffington Post for a long time, so when I was accepted to blog for them I was delighted. My work generally focuses on feminist and student issues, and is personal in nature.

Examples of my work for the Huffington Post can be found in the ‘Published‘ work page.

Cosplay City Magazine 

Cosplay City Magazine was created by me in order to provide a place for cosplayers to discuss all the issues that take place within the cosplay community. The aim of the magazine is to promote a discourse about cosplay, as well as examine the phenomenon of cosplay itself, all while providing a community for cosplayers.

I am currently the Editor in Chief of Cosplay City Magazine so proof read all articles that are published, write for the magazine and manage all our social media channels.

Examples of my work for Cosplay City Magazine can be found in the ‘Published‘ work page.

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