An Interview With Kimothy Joy

Image provided by Kimothy Joy I stumbled upon Kimothy Joy’s artwork last month after seeing the awesome illustrations she provided The Huffington Post for their campaign #WeMakeHerstory, which inspired and intrigued me so I set out to find out more, and to of course follow her on Instagram! The collaboration was also partially what inspiredContinue reading “An Interview With Kimothy Joy”

This Belle ‘Beauty and the Beast’ cosplay is goals

[Image: Laura Beresford Photography] So I don’t know about you but by now I am beyond hyped for the new Disney live action Beauty and the Beast; and seeing this amazing Belle cosplay from Cait of Cait and Chay is not helping calm me down! Cait actually first starting cosplaying before she met the other halfContinue reading “This Belle ‘Beauty and the Beast’ cosplay is goals”