My blog posts usually cover one of the below four topics (this list though is not exhaustive as I like to write about everything and anything). I am always curious to see what posts people prefer so be sure to drop me a comment to let me know! 🙂


For those curious about my aesthetic I would say at the moment it’s a little bit crazed rainbow child mixed with lots of pastels and a little bit what I like to call 90s The Craft (please watch this if you haven’t already) aesthetic. Essentially, my style is always changing one month to the next. For a long time this bothered me, but I’m going to try and embrace it and just wear what I feel like (let’s see how that goes!).


What can I say? I’m very much you’re stereotypical book worm. This section mostly comprises of reviews, and analysis of books I’ve read (which, when tend to feature a female protagonist). I like everything from sci-fi, academic texts, comics to manga so expect a little bit of everything thrown in here. I must admit that I do have a strong love of anything that would fall under the YA category though.

Cruelty Free

I try my best in my blog to talk about the processes behind the clothes and makeup I wear. While I’m NOWHERE near 100% perfect; I’m trying to improve. All the makeup I feature is cruelty free and I buy vegan makeup a large percentage of the time (anything that is vegan I’ll label). This isn’t to pressure anyone but to act as a helpful guide and if it will help you make one more thing in your life cruelty free than I’m happy to help.

Mental Health

I remember growing up I didn’t see a lot of depictions of people who had mental health issues who still managed to get through their day to day. Who didn’t look like they were suffering to most people. I was made to think this was always something that had to dramatic and all consuming. And while a lot of the time it can feel like this; I try whenever possible to talk about what I’ve been growing through.


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