Hello there! I always appreciate the people who take the time to read the about page so a big thank you for reading this. My name is April (not named after the month, but a character in Dallas), I’m twenty four years old (which, I’m still not comfortable saying out loud) and I’m currently based within the United Kingdom.

This little corner of the internet is a place for me to reflect on style, mental health and travelling to name a few things but there will be anything and everything dabbled in there. Essentially, this is a place where I don’t have to be perfect (or at least I’m trying to put less pressure on myself to do that here), but to be honest as much as I can be. However, that doesn’t mean I will stop trying to be better with aspects of my life, such as my style. As in this blog I focus on sustainable and slow fashion pieces, as well as vegetarian/ vegan products and food (I’m vegetarian), however, I’m not 100% perfect and this blog will not be 100% fast fashion free (because I’m not at that place in my life yet). But if these are aspects of your life that you are currently exploring I hope this will be a good place for you.

Overall, I hope this blog can provide some solace or be useful to you.


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