Some of my favourite outfits recently: soft, minimalist style

For anyone who has followed this blog or followed me on Instagram for a period of time, you probably will have seen me wear a lot of different styles. It is definitely true that my style has gone through a lot of variations and I am sure it will continue to do so in the future but for now this is the sort of outfits I have loved wearing. They’re comfortable (because it’s come to the point now where I just have to accept if it’s not comfortable I won’t wear it), easy pieces to mix and match and generally pieces I feel suit me body shape wise and aesthetically. I want to quickly point out you can wear whatever you want (duh!) and it doesn’t necessarily have to ‘suit’ your body shape, but there are all items we feel more comfortable in and feel nice on our body shape, which is more what I was referring to.

While my style has always kind of had vintage elements, I’ve been really focusing on trying to be buy small, independent, handmade to order pieces alongside vintage. However, I just wanted to quickly make it clear that I’m not fast fashion free and there will be elements of fast fashion mentioned in this post.

For me, at the moment I’m focusing on buying secondhand, vintage and handmade to order/ sustainably whether I can and if I buy otherwise still focusing on pieces I know I’m going to wear and wear again and will last me. I think in the past I ended up putting really high expectations on myself that only stressed me out more and ended up with purchases that ended up not working (unfortunately sizing can be difficult secondhand sometimes). I also know that for some people budget or body size (there is definitely a sizing issue with sustainable fashion) is a factor and I would like to talk about pieces that people can afford as well.

In the end I’ve learnt so much from people who are completely fast fashion free and from people who have a blend in their wardrobe. I’m not perfect but hopefully I can present a picture of something that might feel more achievable and accessible to some people. So without further ado here’s a selection of my outfits over the last two weeks that I have particularly enjoyed wearing.

Outfit 1

A casual, comfortable look

For this day, I went with my ultimate comfort staple, jeans, as I was venturing into the outside world for the first time in a while. To be honest it was a bit surreal but I was happy to see there was hand sanitiser everywhere (which, I took full advantage of). To be honest, I do miss shopping in person but mostly because I like trying items on to prevent returns, that, understandably, is not possible at the moment, which takes the fun of out shopping for me. It was however lovely to be with my family and have a change of scenery.

I know a lot of people are not jeans fans as they find them a bit restrictive. I can totally understand that but I’ve been always been a denim lover and I think I wore them so much as a teenager that they are just naturally comfortable for me. For a long time I thought the ‘Mom’ style jeans would not work for me because of my body shape (wider on the hips, narrower on the waist). And while I still usually have to size up for the hips, I have come to realise that they are a high rise jean (which I love for tucking tops into or wearing crop tops) and that I just needed to give them a second chance. I know some companies as well do offer a ‘curvy’ fit on their jeans, which is definitely worth checking out if you have a similar body shape to me.

The pair I have alas are not a ‘curvy’ pair but are petite, which is essential if you are within my heigh range. I particularly like Asos as they offer both 26 and 28 inch leg where I know a lot of other companies only offer a 28 inch leg.

Top: Monki

Jeans: Asos Petite

Shoes: Secondhand Veja (I absolutely love these and if these ever wear through I will definitely be buying myself a new pair – I have my eye on this pair especially)

Belt: Secondhand from a charity shop (thrift)

Bag: Monki (this is vegan for all those people who like to avoid animal products)

Earrings: Resin by Billie (my sister’s small jewellery store)

A clearer photograph of the earrings.

Necklace: The Serpent’s Club (I absolutely love this piece and want to save up for to buy a beautiful layered necklace set they have)

Outfit 2

Looking a little bit preppy

This was my first proper time wearing these Buffalo London trainers (I’ve always wanted some and jumped on the chance when I saw they had a new vegan range out, as I I try to avoid leather as much as possible that is not secondhand) and I am pleased to report that I did not get any blisters and they were comfortable to walk in. I was worried they were going to be too big as I am in-between shoe sizes but I went with my usual size and they were ok. I could have probably sized down if I wanted to but I was not slipping and sliding around in them.

I am still not entirely sure if I can pull of the chunky trainer trend and think they look better with skirts a lot more than jeans (for me personally) but I think I will be rocking these again. They won’t be replacing my Veja, which are my all time favourites at the moment as they go with everything, but they are a nice choice if you want a little height boost.

This outfit choice also represents my ascent into adulthood and finally getting myself a staple black and white t-shirt. I am a big fan of this one as it has the right amount of bagginess and length on the arm, is soft and has a nice little collar detail which makes it look a little more expensive. For me, basics, to be honest, are something I have unfortunately struggled to find still at a good quality secondhand. If you’re looking for a more sustainable option I will personally be looking to try Organic Basics in the future.

Top: Arket

Cardigan: And Other Stories (it has dinosaurs on it in case you hadn’t noticed) and does not sit nicely on me buttoned up but looks nice loose)

Skirt: H and M

Shoes: Buffalo London

Bag: Monki

Necklace: The Serpent’s Club

Outfit 3

Movement is the enemy

I have coveted a pair of Stalf trousers for a long time now, after seeing Lucy Moon wearing some because they looked so completely and utterly comfortable. Unsurprisingly, they are!

Also, shout out the lovely people who work there, as when I emailed thinking there was something wrong with the trousers, as the pockets were the wrong way round (essentially they just needed pushing through because I’m an idiot and I sincerely hope they were not offended by my email!), they explained it to me and were very helpful.

It is now my aim to save up again to acquire a pair of these in black and grey (labelled as flint on their website). For me these are also a great work trouser as they’re comfortable (hello, elastic waist band!) but still look smart and put together.

Also, the trousers are lovingly and ethically made in a pink studio – what more could you want?!

Top: Arket (the lighter weight version, I have a feeling the heavy weight version will make a good winter staple)

Trousers: Stalf Cocoon Trousers in Blondie (I got minus 2 leg for reference)

Necklace: The Serpent’s Club

Outfit 4

The perfect summer dress doesn’t exist … oh wait, maybe it does…

I recently have had the privilege to order some custom, handmade pieces from independent designers and this black sundress is definitely one of my favourites. It’s a little shorter than midi length on me which I love, as I’m used to all my dresses being too long so I liked that this was still long but the length meant I had a little more movement. I also love that the straps are adjustable as it makes it easily customisable to a wide range of sizes.

This piece is honestly now one of my summer staples and a quality piece I’m happy that I was able to invest in.

I can’t wait to see the designer’s winter pieces, as I already am in love with their knitwear (and I saw on their Instagram they are considering releasing sets so people can make their own – if someone would like to do that for me as I am a useless human being, please go ahead). If they do come out with winter ready, long sleeve dresses, when it starts to get colder, I will definitely be in the line to order as well.

Dress: FaithRowanLeeves (I ordered mine custom but it’s now available on the website, please note mine is in a shorter length)

Shoes: Vegan Blaire Dr Martens

Necklace: Vintage

Outfit 5

I might look like I’m about to garden, but don’t trust me with your plants

Speaking of hero pieces for the summer, this jumpsuit is one of them. It’s light weight and breezy and opens at the back so you get some air (remember to put suncream on your back though!) but you can also transition it into winter by wearing a turtleneck and some tights underneath (the trousers are quite loose so when it’s really cold you might get cold legs).

Although this is a secondhand piece, I have seen this on Ebay a few times (try ‘Asos grey jumpsuit’ when searching) and it’s one of those pieces I want to buy again and hoard in case anything ever happens to the one I have (don’t worry, I won’t, maybe…!).

Jumpsuit: Secondhand Asos

Trainers: Secondhand Vegan Veja as previously mentioned

Hat: Monki

A note about links mentioned

None of the links on this post are affiliate and I get no benefit from you clicking on them. If that ever changes I will make sure that it’s always mentioned clearly. One link mentioned is for my sister’s store, which I mention next to the link, so I am course biased there!

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