Preloved Vintage Kilo, Skegness review

Ever since I first head about vintage kilo sales I have to admit I’ve been fascinated and eager to try them out. Ever an optimist, I always go into any place where I can buy vintage clothing with the hopes that I’m going to find some absolutely knockout pieces (unfortunately vintage shopping definitely doesn’t always turn out that way but I love it anyway).

After hearing positive reviews of the Preloved Vintage Kilo, and seeing they were coming to Skegness, which isn’t far from me, I decided to go and visit and see if I could pick up any gems. The short answer is yes I did and I also brought Martin along as well who bought himself a mountain of flannel (and one thing I really did like about these sales is that they really catered to guys too).

So at Preloved Vintage Kilo sales the stock is separated into different sections so t-shirts is one rail, dresses another, denim another (I think you get the hint), after you scan or buy your ticket you are given a plastic bag* (I wish there was a more sustainable way of doing it then this but I see the need for something light weight, though it might be worth bringing your own bag and asking the staff to weigh it before they weigh your items to take the weight off – though I don’t know if this is against their policies!).

The price when I went was £15 per kilo (it also cost £1.50 to get in), but certain items such as jackets, bags, etc. were a set price. This was great as otherwise bulky items like knitwear would feel quite unfairly priced compared to other stock. The only time then the kilo weight will really hit you is you are grabbing a heavy dress but a heavy dress will still likely come in under the kilo mark or just about there and £15 for a vintage dress is not bad!

Overall I grabbed 6 dresses and my items weighed about 2 kilos so came to about £30 so that averages about £5 a dress which is not something I’m going to complain about. Decade wise I saw a mixture but definitely a lot of 90s and early 2000’s but I spotted a few 60s/ 70s pieces as well as a 1980s velvet Laura Ashley gem I’d have picked up if it was my size and a 1980s Topshop prairie skirt of my dreams (again not my size unfortunately)! There was also other few gems I now regret not getting- I even saw a vintage Harrods cape that I would have got but it had a zip on it which put me off (and I’m trying to only buy things I absolutely love).

I did actually bring a tape measure in case there wasn’t changing rooms but there was, which was a great surprise and really impressed me. I didn’t personally use them as I had a tape measure and I am quite good at guessing my size (though of course things can be your size and still not look right so I do recommend trying stuff on if you have the time/ feel comfortable enough to do so).

The quality of the clothing was generally good but I definitely should have taken a closer look at some of the items I got as I didn’t notice a tear under the armpit for one of the dresses I got (but it’s not noticeable on and I’m hoping it can be fixed) but that’s my fault there. But I just wanted to mention this as something to look out for if you’re going to one of these sales.

But without further ado now that I’ve washed my haul – the guide I linked to has some helpful advice for washing vintage (though a few alterations still need to be made); let’s get into it.

The first item I got was this dreamy, 90s (I think), deep red dress that definitely was inspired by the fact that I watched Practical Magic for the first time the day before. If someone could just give me Gillian (Nicole Kidman’s character) wardrobe in that film I’d be happy (I mean I’d be even happier if I could actually look like Nicole Kidman but I’d settle for the wardrobe.

I decided to keep to the 90s vibe by styling this with some second hand Keds that I bought off Depop but I think some boots could also look great with this style of dress. Due to the holes in the top of the dress it’s a bit difficult to figure out what to wear underneath but I found neutral colour underwear worked well for me.

The dress is also thick enough for Autumn (and if worn with boots would help to keep me warm) and has a great Autumnal colour palette. Personally, I love browns for Autumn don’t get me wrong but it’s also the time I want to see dark, vivid emerald greens, burgundy’s and altogether more rich, warm looking colours.

It comes out very red in the photos but I swear it’s pink!

Dress: Vintage

Jacket: Miss Selfridge (old)

Shoes: Keds (secondhand from Depop)

The second dress I got is another quintessential 1990s number. I’ve seen a lot of these layered dresses on Depop and have been wanting one for a while so couldn’t resist this one when I saw it, especially after seeing the gorgeous navy check. The only issue is the under white layer of this dress is a little sheer and it did come to me a bit wrinkly (nothing a iron couldn’t fit) but I love anything I think would make me look like I fit in on the set of Friends.

My next purchase is probably my favourite and it is this fabulous prairie dress that has so much fabric! It’s way too long for me (as are all maxi dresses are!) but it’s stunning. This is the dress that has the rip under the armpit but I don’t think it’s noticeable when wearing the dress and it’s definitely fixable. I am also going to get it hemmed but haven’t had a chance yet as when I went to visit a seamstress they were closed (just my luck!).

I’m also pretty sure this is a vintage Candi Jones dress, as I saw someone post a dress with very similar fabric on Instagram the other week and that dress was a vintage Candi Jones. At the very least it’s a dress that has a similar vibe!

Dress: Vintage

Shoes: Converse (borrowed from my mother)

Keeping with the 1970s theme I also picked up this stunning maxi dress that has some absolutely lovely embroidery on it. This dress came a little stained but a lot of the stains were on the bottom of the dress which I knew I’d need to take up anyway so it didn’t bother me too much. Luckily, the bottom of the dress really cleaned up after a wash and now there’s just a small mark left on the dress (which, I think could come up with another wash).

The next dress I got is this stunning C & A Drindl dress (guessing by the label I’d guess this is from the 1970s or 1980s), which would look amazing with a prairie blouse underneath it or a simple, white turtleneck.

My last dress is the only one I wasn’t sure of (and still don’t know if I should crop it a bit) but I was in love with the collar so I had to have it. I actually think it’s quite a nice casual dress, it just seems some care with the styling – I think a biker jacket and some casual trainers (some Veja trainers would look great!) give it more of a modern look and stop it being too ‘cutesy’ (not that there is anything wrong with that though!).

So there you go that’s my haul! I’d definitely check out Preloved Vintage Kilo again. The Skegness event was actually quite quiet which was nice but I suspect other locations like York for example would be a lot busier! If you’re just looking for some basics or something a bit more special, I think why not go along and have a rummage and give a piece of clothing a nice lease of life!

Also, if you like any of the pieces I mentioned I’m actually selling some of them on my Depop at the moment (@aprilrain3) because although I love them they didn’t look quite right when I tried them on and clothes are made to be worn so I’d rather them go to people and be loved and used.

*Update: I’ve now seen on Instagram that the bags they use are biodegradable.

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