Vans x Van Gogh Museum shoe unboxing + review

When I found out that there was going to be a vans x Van Gogh Museum collaboration; I may have got excited. Ok, I got very excited. For those who don’t know Van Gogh is my favourite painter and yes the Doctor Who episode did almost (ok, maybe more than almost) bring me to tears.

But first before I got into this review and unveiling I just wanted to briefly touch on why I’ve not been posting as frequently. For one thing I’ve been quite busy recently, which hasn’t helped and I’ve been trying generally to be more healthy. That means more cooking and more exercise, which takes up a lot of time! The other reason I’ve been inactive is because my style has shifted a little recently. I’ve got excited for autumn and so have started gravitating to those colours rather than the pastels I’ve showcased a lot on here before.

Completely changing my style in this way is common for me but I was nervous about really posting about it because I didn’t want people to think I don’t appreciate those styles anymore but for now it’s not how I want to dress. At the moment I’m loving all things autumn leaves or yellow (!!!) and florals. So I just wanted to prewarn you that’s the style I’m going to be showcasing for a while. I hope you still enjoy it.

However, let’s get onto talking about the shoes! When I saw the images for the shoes for this collection I knew a needed a pair but initially couldn’t decide which ones. I love Van Gogh’s Sunflower paintings but they didn’t ‘speak’ to me, as much as when I saw the ‘Self Portrait’ shoes. I also liked how because the main colour scheme for these were denim that they would go with all the warm colours I’ve been craving recently.

Van Gogh Vans

Like an idiot though I didn’t realise these were limited edition. So, when I saw the collection in stock on the day they were released and asked my significant other if he wanted some; I actually thought it’d be ok to wait until he made up his mind. Spoiler alert: I wasn’t and he didn’t get any in the end. I returned to the website a few days later to find the shoes had disappeared from the site and I couldn’t find any anywhere except Ebay for ridiculous prices.

Desperate, I started a ring around to all the Vans shops in London that stock the collection. I would like to first of all say that all the staff I talked to were incredibly friendly and helpful. After, falling short on the first two stockists I tried; my hopes were left with the third: Camden. Luckily, they had my size but unfortunately couldn’t reserve them as they only had one pair left. I decided to make a desperate trip after work, making sure to ring before I got on the train to London (and waste my money!) in case they had already gone. Luckily, they had not! Later, it turned out we had got our wires crossed and they’d been referring to a different pair, however, I was very lucky and the pair I wanted also happened to have my size in stock!

I tried them on and fall in love (I especially love how the brand has half sizes!) and of course had to take them home. I was also pleased to find out that the style I got is vegan.

My only fault with the collection was that the shoes came in a standard Vans shoe box and I love when care and detail is put into packaging so I was really hoping the box was going to be covered in some of Van Gogh’s paintings.

Also, I am still not sure where I stand on the concept of wearing art by artists that are no longer alive on clothing (i.e. they cannot consent). I was very pleased the collection was in collaboration with the museum in Amsterdam, as that meant the proceeds were going back to preserving his paintings though I suspect it’s the reason there is not a pair of Starry, Starry Night shoes (which, I would have bought in a heartbeat!) because that painting is not housed there.

This is not a new phenomenon either – Louis Vuitton famously have brought out a Monet bag (as well as a Van Gogh one I believe) and bags featuring the work of other famous artists from history. I do believe though this makes art accessible (as it’s already commercialised) and I do believe fashion is art. I just find it strange when a creator no longer controls their own work and they become this icon figure – it’s dehumanising but I guess that’s life. I’m hardly one to talk as I think all the examples I gave are beautiful.

I would really be interested in hearing other people’s opinions on this so do comment below. Sorry again that this post was such a long time coming – I’m determined to go back to weekly content, which shouldn’t be hard in the upcoming months, as I have a trip planned and it of course my favourite holiday – Halloween!

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