July + August Favourites

I actually had written a draft of all the things I wanted to include for my July favourites but it unfortunately got lost (as, all great ideas do, ha, ha). So I’m going to try my best to remember everything in the post and separate these by the different months as much as as possible….

Vans x Van Gogh Museum shoe unboxing + review

When I found out that there was going to be a vans x Van Gogh Museum collaboration; I may have got excited. Ok, I got very excited. For those who don’t know Van Gogh is my favourite painter and yes the Doctor Who episode did almost (ok, maybe more than almost) bring me to tears….

Eve of Man by Giovanna Fletcher and Tom Fletcher: Book Review

Hi everyone, I just wanted to write a quick preface to this review because I wanted to try something a little different and make these reviews a bit more structured. That way I think it will make it easier for people to skip to the information they’d like to know about and it will make…