Happy National Siblings Day: Why I love having sisters

I’ve been informed by the internet that it is National Siblings Day today. Although, I think this may just be for America; I’m going to write something anyway because I think sometimes we take our siblings for granted!

Luckily, growing up I don’t think I had too many squabbles with my siblings (I think to be honest we all lacked the effort). Most of the memories we share of each other is either of me bossing them around (i.e. most people’s memory of their time with me) or the ridiculous things we got up to, which leads me to the reasons I love having siblings.

The memories 

I don’t think anyone gets your in jokes as much as your siblings do. Although, the tale of my sister getting her head trapped in a table I find hilarious when telling anyone; I’ll admit it doesn’t lead to hysterics as much as it does when told between us. Also, I don’t think you get the full weight of the look my (other sister – they’re twins) sister had on her face when she looked like a mermaid after almost being swept away by the sea unless you were there to witness it.

April and Billie

Helping each other by learning from each others mistakes 

As the oldest sibling I feel like I had the opportunity to make most of the mistakes but they didn’t feel as bad when I realised that at least hopefully my sisters would learn from me and not do the same thing. However, the only downside is that being the oldest also meant I was always the guinea pig in regards to parenting and my sisters got to go into town by themselves and have phones at a younger age than I was.

Billie and Crystal

Sharing information 

I don’t think this is unique to a family of only sisters but personally for me I love that we all have a similar shared experience that we can draw on, i.e. we can all truly sympathise when the other has a painful period.

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 00.06.26

My sisters are awesome 

I am so proud of my sisters. They’re awesome, way more stylish than I will ever be and truly independent, sassy, little (in height) women. One of the best parts of having sisters is getting to see them grow up and go through life and continue to get more and more awesome.


Someone that I can always talk to 

Sometimes for me at least talking to people can require putting in a lot of concentration and effort but when you talk to your siblings you can just be yourself because they already know all the bad/ ridiculous things about you anyway. It’s the same sort of relationship you can also get with your significant other or a close friend however there is that added security that they can’t abandon you because otherwise my mum would yell at them (ha, ha).

They know exactly how to roast you

This might seem like a bad thing to some people but there is something weirdly reassuring about someone knowing you well enough to know exactly how to make fun of your silly moments. The added benefit is you can roast them back as well.

For me however the best thing about having siblings is having someone to gossip with or talk about things you’ve mutually inherited. An added plus is when you can steal each other’s clothes (though I stand by they’ve stolen more of mine than I ever did of theirs).

Also, while you’re here go check out my sister’s art project for her University course: @_we_are_1_ on Instagram and give them a follow! My sister is a great photographer so you won’t be disappointed!

April (April is the Cruellest Month)

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